18 January 2017  

Azerbaijani artist among winners of GIN Graphic Humor Contest

Azerbaijani painter Soltan Soltanli has shined at the 6th GIN Graphic Humor Contest 2016 held in Madrid, Spain.

His work entitled “Kalva atrafinda doyush” (Battle around Kalva) won the second place at the competition. The artists from Montenegro and Thailand took the first and third places, respectively.

Overall, the exhibition qualified 77 works for the contest’s final to be demonstrated from January 17 to February 26.

“Kalva” is a mountain village in Agsu region of Azerbaijan. The region is located at the bottom of the Great Caucasus and on the plain of Shirvan.

The scenic route to Kalva from the city of Agsu provides visitors impressive views at every turn. There are no hotels or restaurants in Kalva, which adds to the wonderful feeling of remoteness and getting away from it all.

Those visiting the village can spend the night in the homes of local people or some travellers, such as eco-tourists, put up tents to sleep in.

© Soltan Soltanli (2017)